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News: Strathmore SloPitch 2020 Season
Posted by Strathmore Slopitch (Admin), Last Updated: Sun Apr 5, 2020



Following Government & SPN guidelines, Strathmore Slo-Pitch will be temporarily cancelling the 2020 Slo-Pitch League. Strathmore Slo-Pitch will continue to work with all organizations on when or if a new date for the league will be possible.  As things change we will post on our website any updates but for now we will not be accepting any registrations until more information becomes available.

For additional information please click on the links below:

Town of Strathmore - COVID-19 Page
Alberta - Restrictions on gatherings and businesses
Slo-Pitch National Response COVID-19
Slo-Pitch National - Covid March 23 Update
Slo-Pitch National - Covid March 23 Update

Thanks very much for your patience and understanding during these trying times!  Please stay safe and healthy!

Strathmore Slo-Pitch Board 

News: Strathmore Slo-Pitch Diamond Status (Thursday, July 18, 2019)
Posted by Strathmore Slopitch (Admin), Last Updated: Thu Apr 2, 2020

Strathmore Diamond #1 -Closed
Strathmore Diamond #2 - Closed
Strathmore Diamond #3 - Closed
Crowfoot Diamond - Closed
Lyalta Diamond #1 - Closed(Tuesday only) (NOTE:  The main Lyalta restrooms will no longer be open during ball nights)
Lyalta Diamond #2
- Closed(Tuesday only) (NOTE:  The main Lyalta restrooms will no longer be open during ball nights)
Carseland Diamond #1 - Closed
Carseland Diamond #2Closed(Tuesday only)

  • Please remember there is ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL allowed within the Strathmore diamonds.  Bag checks will be done at the gates and any person/team caught will be appropriately dealt with (fines and/or removal)
  • Please remember there are NO DOGS OR PETS allowed within the Strathmore diamonds. 
  • For those at the Crowfoot diamond please ensure you cleanup behind yourselves when you leave.  Ensure you take with you any garbage, cans, bottles that you bring in and be sure to clean up after your pets.  Outhouses are available but toilet paper may not be, so ensure you bring your own supply
  • Diamond access on nights other than our designated Tuesday / Thursday nights is not allowed unless arranged with the local associations (fees may apply). 
  • Carseland diamonds will also have their concession open during league nights for teams to purchase various food items and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Lyalta now has a liquor store "Libations", so feel free to stop in and stock up for your game

Let's support our local associations!!

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